Pushing applications between systems

Personal Area Networks seem to be increasing nowadays. Whether you’re sending that hilarious video over Bluetooth to a friend’s mobile phone, synchronising your contacts and calendar between your computer and smartphone, or just tethering to get internet-on-the-go, there are definitely a lot more PANs than there were several years ago. With multiple computers or similar devices in a single household, or even in one persons possession, it’s easy to see why. Most people have a desktop, laptop or netbook (or more than one,) and a mobile phone or smartphone. With the introduction of Apple’s iPad to ‘fill’ the gap in their product line between the iPhone and Macbook, there will probably be some people who will own all three.

Yet all of these systems stand alone. There has been no integration between the different systems. While mobile devices are now suddenly able to do many tasks which would traditionally be performed by a computer – for example, iWork on the iPad, or even just IRC on a smartphone – there should be a way to seamlessly move between the different platforms.

For instance, I should be able to be chatting to my friends on my desktop, and be able to move the conversation to my phone without having to close the chat on my desktop, log in from my phone, find the friends I was talking to on my phone, and open the chat ‘windows’ again. Ideally, there would be a button to push it to a phone which has already been paired with the computer. Confirm the action on the phone, and suddenly you have the conversations now on your phone in your mobile chat application, complete with the conversation log from your desktop.

Just being able to seamlessly push running applications between computers and/or mobile devices would be great for almost anyone on-the-go.

Essentially, I would love a way to interface with an application on one system from another computer (in a simpler form than X11 forwarding), or even pushing the entire live application to another computer, no longer running at all on the system it was launched on.

I suppose until someone high-up in the industry gets the same idea, or an easy-to-implement standard is formed, this will just remain a dream. I do, however, believe that this or something similar would give mobile computing a push forwards for mainstream consumers.

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