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Starting a VM on login in Workstation

Whilst I’ve been considering getting a VPS, I’ve been playing around with Debian in a VM, and I’ve also been using an Ubuntu Server VM to tunnel IRC when I’m at school. Sometimes though, I forget to start the VM before I leave, and a boring lecture becomes even more boring with nothing else to do.

After some searching though, I found a way to start a VM from the command-line, and then threw that in HKCU\….\Run to start up when I log in. It’s surprisingly simple:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmrun.exe" -T ws start "D:\Virtual Machines\Debian\Debian.vmx" nogui

Since I autologin, now I only need to worry about not turning my computer on.


The Joys of Git

Working on PsyDuk has become a little frustrating since I’ve never used any source control before. I did try to use TortoiseSVN, but that ended up being a miserable failure. The manual approach, however, was getting a little bit out of hand:

wasn't going well at all

Even with only 5 versions, it was still quite messy.

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